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Stepdeck Conestoga trailers can carry a huge variety of loads, and can be loaded and unloaded in a variety of ways. This versatility gives the shipper and the recipient a great deal of flexibility when planning their transportation solutions. Loads are completely protected from the elements, and can be accessed from the back, sides or top of the trailer. Our sliding tarp systems or conestoga trailers can be opened and closed easily and safely by the shipper, operator.

Whats in a name? A lot. Well, a lot of confusion and uncertainty. These trailers go by many names, roll top trailer, roll back trailer, stepdown trailer, rollback tarp, rolling tarp trailer and more but we have settled on Stepdeck Conestoga. And then, there are those that request a stepdeck conestoga and insist on tarps. Yes, there is sometimes confusion surrounding these trailers but they are uniqie and very capable trailers and they are in high demand.

One of the key reasons that Stepdeck-Conestoga trailers are in such high demand is these specialized trailers keep all tarps off of your precious cargo. The result is that sensitive loads are not damaged by tarps rubbing against the load. If your business requirements call for transportation the U.S. Eagle Express has Stepdeck Conestoga trailers that can respond in all states.

Sensitive freight that regularly seeks our equipment includes but is not limited to robotics and Robotic work cells, MRI Machines, CNC Machinery, Aircraft Components, Air Handling Units, Trade Show Materials and sometimes our customers choose Eagle Express not because they need a Stepdeck Conestoga but because they need the high quality service that we provide. We provide $500,000 of cargo insurance, workers compensation, satellite tracking, on-time performance and fast and accurate billing.

As demand has increased for Conestoga trailers, so have prices, and frustration by customers who sometimes struggle to locate quality carriers that provide these very specialized trailers. But Eagle Express has a robust fleet of comprised exclusively of Step-deck Conestoga trailers. So contact one of our friendly representatives today at (800) 933-0215 and we can assist you with your unique hauling needs. It is highly advisable to call at least a week in advance when you need a Conestoga trailer, they are in such high demand they can be hard to book them but we will make every attempt to accommodate you in your time of need, as we have done for years.

Book direct with the carrier. Eagle Express is asset based which means that we haul your freight on trucks that we own driven by drivers that we employ. One call gets you direct access to company with direct contact to the equipment.

Our *Communicate First Policy. Eagle Express has an internal policy requiring that we notify our customer of any issue that might effect our obligation BEFORE we take corrective action. This policy was created because we understand the urgent need for absolute communication as its failure can effect not only your shipment and costs but most importantly, your company's' reputation. Yes, we understand that when we do a good job, you have done a good job.

So call Eagle Express today and let us help you.


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